Sunday, November 30, 2347

Introduction to my blog


I am The Great Cooker and this is my world of food. I am in the process of developing critiques of several different restaurants in the Cincinnati area. Bear with me for a little while. I have just created this blog. Once I have made some critiques of restaurants, they will probably appear weekly. This is because I am a college student and I am not made of cash. Just to show you that I am not just some random wakko writing about food, I will tell you a couple of my qualifications. I went to Sullivan University in their Culinary Arts program. I graduated magna cum laude and got an Associate's of Science Degree in Culinary Arts. I am a Certified Culinarian with the ACF(American Culinary Federation) and I am currently in the Culinology program at The University of Cincinnati. I hope you will all enjoy my blogs and find my advice helpful. Have a nice day!



Steve Willson said...

Are you a time traveler? How did you post from 3745? I hear your Dad is the greatest. Is that true?

Alex said...

obviously... how could anyone doubt?

The Great Cooker said...

I'm sorry. Only my posts can time travel. Also, yes, my father is the greatest.

Gardens-In-The-Sand said...

Is there still food when you are? I've watch people prepare frozen treats using liquid nitrogen. Did that catch on, or is it doomed to be looked back on as a ridiculous fad? Is there better, faster methods of food prep than the microwave, or has solar cooking taken off as the big thing?

What about "Terra Nova"?
I've always heard that dinosaur steak tasted like chicken... Have you found that to be the case?
Very excited to find a post dated from 2347, and I really want to know more!

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